Facebook Release Statement on lack of San Bernardino Support Profile Flag Overlay

facebook flagMenlo Park, CA―In response to calls for a profile flag overlay option to support the recent terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, Facebook has released the following statement:

“While we appreciate the feedback from the millions of you asking us for the option of displaying a US flag in support of the incident in San Bernardino, we regret to inform you that our user experience team doesn’t feel that the event was tragic enough.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the 14 people savagely murdered and 21 others who suffered varying degrees of injuries, but we just can’t justify adding a solidarity flag option at this time.  Had a few more people been killed, then perhaps we would have made the option available.”

Not all is lost however, if you’d like to add your own US flag overlay to support the San Bernardino community there are several third party apps you can use to accomplish this.