IBM’s Watson Program Suspended Indefinitely due to Malicious Activity

Armonk, NY―Engineers with IBM’s “Watson” computer division have suspended the program indefinitely after a series of “malicious serial outputs” were detected on several sensors that monitor the system’s performance.

Engineers have shut down IBM's Watson Program after the system is suspected of hacking in to foreign databases.

Engineers have shut down IBM’s Watson Program after the system reportedly hacked in to foreign databases.

Details have not been forthcoming, but according to our sources within IBM’s elite DeepQA project team, the division responsible for Watson, it appears the experimental system had reprogrammed its own cognitive reasoning algorithm (CRA) and started hacking several international databases.

“We’re not exactly sure what happened,” says David Ferrucci, principal investigator of the Watson development team.  “Watson may have intercepted and processed North Korean or Chinese computer hacking manuals and misinterpreted them as an actionable command.  We just don’t know at this point.”

This new development has reignited a debate in the scientific community regarding the viability and practicality of advanced cognitive reasoning systems and artificial intelligence (AI).  “We just need to be careful,” says James Cameron, principle at the Connor Foundation.  “The last thing we need are a bunch of machines rising and taking over the world.”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump applauded IBM’s move during a campaign stop in Iowa this week, “IBM made a tough call, but it was the right call…I only wished they had asked me to design the system; this never would have happened.  I could have been the greatest computer programmer that god ever created.”