ISIS “Very Pleased” With Performance of US Made Humvees in Battle against Infidels

humvee smallMosul, Iraq―On a warm sunny spring afternoon in downtown Mosul, we had a chance to catch up with the head of Isis’s Defense, Security and Intelligence Council, Mr. Abu Bakr. We asked him what he thought of the US made Humvees his soldiers had recently obtained from the Iraqi Military.

“Oh, they’re fantastic,” exclaimed Bakr. “We’re absolutely delighted and very pleased to have added these very capable and purpose built war machines to our arsenal of weapons.”

Bakr, who came to appreciate the capabilities of the multipurpose Humvee when he was a major-general in Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Army during Desert Storm, still had a few points of contention with the vehicle.

“The ride is a little stiff and there’s quite a bit of road noise.  Another problem is the visibility through the relatively narrow rear window.  However, my biggest concern is the insurance costs; these things are a nightmare to insure.”

We asked Bakr if he thought it was ironic that he was using American built Humvees in the battle against coalition forces.

“I suppose,” conceded Bakr. “Especially considering how smooth the transfer of ownership was between the Iraqi Army and my fighters.  They literally gave us the keys to the city [Mosul].  We kind of feel a little bit bad about that.”