Local Moms Outraged with School Board’s Push for More Organic Food

mom and child wideGROTON, CT―A small, yet well heeled, contingent of area moms expressed their outraged at last night’s school board meeting after assistant superintendent Shelly Skofield announced plans to introduce more locally sourced organic foods into the community’s school lunch programs.

“This is an outrage,” proclaimed Denise Abernathy, the self-proclaimed leader of the newly formed AntiOrganics group.  “We pay an exorbitant amount of money in taxes every year and we demand that our children be provided with the most modern food that is scientifically viable under current FDA guidelines.”

Sarah Weiss, another member of the group expressed similar disdain.  “I don’t want my children eating food that has been grown in dirt and fertilized with cow poop; that’s just not natural. Furthermore, we don’t even know what the long term effects will be if our children eat food that hasn’t been treated with pesticides to prevent contamination from insects and other invasive species.”

While school board president Michael Winters was apparently sympathetic to the group’s concerns, he confirmed at press time that the board was still moving forward with Ms. Skofield’s organic food proposal.