“Non-Customer” Challenged by Employee for Attempting to Use McDonald’s Bathroom

mcdonaldsVidor, TX―Affiliates in East Texas are reporting that a McDonald’s employee has challenged a man who apparently tried to use the restaurant’s bathroom facilities without ordering anything from the menu.

The employee, 19 year old Josh Harding, noticed the transient enter from the side door of the restaurant (adjacent to the bathrooms) that can normally only be opened from inside the building because there are no exterior handles on the door.

Harding says the cunning man casually smoked a cigarette outside the side door waiting patiently until an elderly lady, who had just finished some business of her own, exited.

“I just couldn’t stand it that my franchisee was being taken advantage of,” said Harding.  “I just didn’t think it was right.”

The offender, Houston native Jake “The Snake” Hanson, was in town with his wife visiting friends. “I’m 57 years old,” said Jake.  “You mean to tell me that you don’t think I ain’t ever eatin’ in a stickin’ Mac-Donalds restaurant be-fo. I’ve been a Mac-Donald’s customer since before yo’ daddy was a shine in yo grand pappy’s eye son. Payin’ customer my [expletive].”

While it’s not expressly forbidden by McDonald’s policies, Abigale Post (great-granddaughter of famed “Etiquette” author, Emily Post) advised that it is not polite to use an establishment’s private facilities if you’re not a paying guest. “But then again,” she told our affiliate, “this is McDonald’s we’re talking about here and not a Ruth’s Chris Steak House.”

Restaurant manager, Benjamin Johnson, was able to intervene and defuse the situation before it escalated too far.  “We’re proud of Josh for doing what he thought was right.  However, it’s apparent that we still have a little more mentoring to do before we send him to Oak Brook [McDonald’s Exclusive Management University].

Sources say Mr. Hanson was clearly agitated as he left the premises.  “I tried to offer him one of our deep fried apple pies that we normally reserve for customer’s who’ve had to wait a while in our drive-throughs,” said Mr. Johnson. “But then I remembered that we don’t sell fried apple pies anymore.”