Local Husband Mistakenly Believes VW Passat Will Make Him Cool

passatNew York, NY―Ever since Ben Graham was a junior at Twin Oaks High School in Reddington, VT, he’d always dreamed of buying a brand new VW Passat.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” said Ben as he took a sip of his Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.  “Johnny Foreman drove his parent’s brand new 1995 Hunter Green GLX VR6 Passat to school and the girls were going CRAZY over it!  I mean, it was beautiful.  It had a Blaupunkt CD player and BBS wheels too.  I just knew if I could get one of those cars then I could project an image of style and prestige as well.”

Flash forward 20 years and Ben, who works as a delivery man for a national courier service, was finally able to convince his wife that they could swing the $250 lease payments on a brand new 2015 model.

“I looked at a lot of cars including the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz CLAs, and the Audi A4.  We even looked at a Volvo s60 but they were all just so expensive.  For about half the price per month I could drive the same caliber car that I have always dreamed of owning.”

Ben’s wife Terry was not so enthusiastic. “Personally, I think the car has less style than an older model Chevy Malibu.  What Ben failed to mention to you is that Johnny Foreman was the captain of the football team and was rumored to be exceptionally well endowed.  I can PERSONALLY assure you it wasn’t the car the girls were going crazy over.”